Satori CM Event

Due to tech. issue, our event registration service was down.  The deadline for all qualified categories will be extended to the end of July 29th. 

The 2020 Satori Summer Music Festival will be taking place virtually this year due to the COVID 19 global health crisis. The health and safety of all students, parents, and festival staff is of the highest priority. We are working hard to ensure the event can still take place this year in compliance with social distancing protocols issued by Los Angeles County.

The Registration is OPEN NOW.
(Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and select the contest to start registration).

All Entry Qualified, Junior Qualified, and Qualified category entries have to submitted before July 27.
Open and Prodigy Category entries must be submitted before August 3.

Please make sure including the link to your performance, and also selecting the shipping option before click “Register Now” button.

To register online, please navigate to the category you wish to compete. Click the “Select” button. It will lead you to a registration page.
Please select your age group from drop down list first, then fill out the required information and click “Register Now“.
After reviewing your information in the shopping cart, please following the check out process. We will process your registration after the payment is proved.

Note: For the ensemble group,  Please fill the oldest applicant’s information in your group first, then add the rest of your  group in the Applicant’s Name(s) box.

IMPORTANT: Multiply registrations for a single applicant is permitted,  and applicant can choose his/her best performance to participate the Grand Prize competition. Please beware, the result from qualified categories can’t be used to apply the  Grand Prize competition.